This domain is dedicated to the YesFam community and primarily features functions to support the organisation and planning of analog meetups as well as the following digital gateway to connect afterwards.

We don’t try to replicate or replace the already existing community structure but rather try to support the cause by providing services which actually help the networking and mission of the YesFam.

Every service that we provide is completly free to use, secure and open source, so you can check how we are using your data. This community is build on trust.

Especially in a pandemic it’s crucial that if the community comes together, the organisation of the meetups is flawless and focused on the well being, safety and health of everyone.

Event organizers should have the possibility to really concentrate all their energy on creating a unique experience for everyone. We are trying to handle the planning and tracking part.

It should be possible to quickly notify all the participants and stay connected with each other.

There are always a lot of people which aren’t connected to the yesfam at first, so there should be a fast way to collect the contact data of participants.

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